• employee-experience-broken-bat

    Employees Don’t Fail, Your Systems Do

    I first heard this quote while working at 1-800-GOT-JUNK? which originated from Peter Scholtes book “The Leader’s Handbook.” After hearing this statement, it got me thinking, is it true? Are we, as people, not meant to fail? Instead, is it our environments that fail us? Is it the systems within… Read More»

  • harrys-pics

    How the Proper Use of a Hashtag Converted a Customer for Harry’s

    There isn’t much that will make me miss a Monday Night Football game. Especially when the Washington Redskins are playing. A couple of weeks ago the Redskins battled the Dallas Cowboys, their division rival. I watched every down. The Redskins defense was on point, their third string QB (Colt McCoy)… Read More»

  • customer-experience-pitfalls

    4 Customer Experience Pitfalls Within the Franchise Industry

    I’ve spent years studying the franchise business model; it’s complex. Ensuring that you have a seamless customer experience across the entire brand is key to success. One of the primary reasons that someone may invest in buying a franchise is because of it’s proven operating systems. If you follow the… Read More»


  • “Michel truly understands the importance of having a strong customer experience strategy to grow a business. His passion for customers is second to none.”

    Brian Scudamore (Founder, CEO – 1-800-GOT-JUNK?)

  • “Any company in any industry would be more than fortunate to include Michel as part of their customer service strategy”

    Patrick Louis (Director, Business Solutions – lululemon)

  • “Michel has helped me take my multi-franchise business to the next level. Without question, he can and will do the same to yours.”

    Brandon Farmer (Franchise Owners – Tim Hortons)