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Ask your customers what they want and you’ll receive hundreds of different answers that will frustrate and confuse you. Put them in a focus group and watch them debate over what’s most important to them as individuals. I advocate hosting Customer Advisory Boards (if you do them right) but you need to… Read More»

While recently at Toronto’s Pearson airport, I read a Fast Company article on how Airbnb is going to expand on their end to end hospitality experience. By offering additional services to their home and apartment sharing service, Airbnb will be adding airport pickups, room cleaning and other services to complement… Read More»

It is human nature to react when a customer complains about your service or product, particularly if the customer expresses anger, frustration, disappointment or hostility. I’ll cut right to the chase: effectively handling complaints requires most of us to shift our way of thinking. We need to set our egos… Read More»

I don’t think I need to convince you of the importance of having loyal customers to support your business. Customer loyalty influences organic growth (repeat purchases and word of mouth marketing) which can be the most profitable way to grow a business. However, some companies may never achieve customer loyalty… Read More»

Some of the world’s greatest brands decided to start with their customer experience first and work backwards. Apple, Southwest, Amazon and Zappos all decided that they were going build their businesses with this strategic focus to drive their growth. I believe that any debate over their decision would be short lived as they have all reaped financial… Read More»

On Monday, January 6th 2014, CBC News reported on a story about a couple in Kelowna, Canada who locked themselves into a car loan that included a 25% interest rate because of their financial situation. Of course, they were upset by the high interest rate and pointed the finger at TD… Read More»

I was extremely fortunate to work with such a great company that supported my growth both internally and externally. While at 1-800-GOT-JUNK?, I was able to find mentors that helped groom me which I believe expedited my professional development and set me up for success today. Externally, I was given… Read More»