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Every business, regardless of size or industry, has goals (or service-level agreements) to achieve success. For a sales-centric organizations, perhaps it’s revenue targets. For marketing-focused companies it might be lead generation through their online campaigns. But what is it for customer-centric organizations? You know what organizations I’m talking about. These… Read More»

Customer experience is like the pretty woman at the party. The idea of speaking with her sounds amazing, but what’s the best way to approach her?As a consultant and keynote speaker, I’ve seen first-hand that organizations want to better their customer experience and design a strategy that will support this improvement,… Read More»

Does your company consider customer service, with all that it entails, a cost centre?If your call centre or customer service team is costing you money, you’re doing it wrong! If you’re doing it right, then your call centre or customer service employees should be earning you a profit. A couple of… Read More»

Is your company still busy wondering about the ROI of social customer service?Venture Beat published an awesome post on KLM, the European airline, on how their 150 social media customer service agents have generated annual revenue of $25 million through social media. For many social media pioneers this doesn’t come as… Read More»

If you want to deliver a strong, effortless customer experience, you should ensure that it saves your customers time.Sounds obvious, right?If so, why is it that some companies still deliver a rudimentary customer experience, and not a “blink and you’re done” process?Customer experience isn’t just about making our customers happy, although… Read More»