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Are you interested in keynote speaking, growing your business or learning methods to getting hired for large scale events and conferences?Maybe you’re a conference planner and you want to get a behind-the-scenes glimpse into how keynote speakers prepare for such events?If you answered yes to one of these scenarios –… Read More»

I wasn’t planning on writing this post but Twitter sent me a notification that Hunter Walk and many other tech influencers and VC’s started following someone called @TayandYou. I was intrigued. Who was @TayandYou? As described in her Twitter bio, @TayandYou is a property of Microsoft and their AI family.@TayandYou is powered… Read More»

As 2016 nears, have you started to map out your customer experience strategy for next year?Will 2016 be the year that you fully commit to improving your customer experience?I don’t mean that you continue to tell your customers, employees and business partners (i.e. vendors) that you’re customer-focused. I mean, will… Read More»

If you want your customers to truly become loyal to your service or product then your customer experience needs a strategy. This blueprint needs the same methodical thought and processes that goes into a marketing or sales strategy.It’s common for me to open my keynote speaking engagements by asking the audience two questions, so… Read More»

Every business, regardless of size or industry, has goals (or service-level agreements) to achieve success. For a sales-centric organizations, perhaps it’s revenue targets. For marketing-focused companies it might be lead generation through their online campaigns. But what is it for customer-centric organizations? You know what organizations I’m talking about. These… Read More»