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Is your company genuinely customer-centric or is it a marketing ploy?If your answer is the latter, it can be difficult to admit, but the reality is that most companies claim to be customer-focused when they’re not.Warby Parker is the former.Warby Parker, whose company name is derived by combining two character names… Read More»

Like me, do you find parallels in business and sports?Growing up I played hockey, soccer, basketball, volleyball, and baseball. Today, I still play weekly pick-up games with my friends to break a sweat and disconnect from work. Playing sports my entire life, I have found many similarities in business and sport.… Read More»

What is your company’s key focus?Are you customer-centric? Product-centric? Marketing-centric? Employee-centric?While customer experience must be at the core of your company, it can’t live in isolation from great products or services. This post was inspired after reading a Gary Vaynerchuk post. He explains, within that post, that a great product… Read More»

Is customer service average in most industries because we, as consumers, complain too much?For example, take into account your own personal experiences as a consumer. Do you contact a company to acknowledge their great service as quickly as you do when you’ve received bad service?I recently came across a Venture… Read More»

How do you personally define a customer-focused company? I’m not talking about a company that claims to be customer-focused but one that genuinely obsesses over improving their customer experience. Year after year, we hear of companies of all sizes wanting to focus more on their customer experience. While some actually use the appropriate resources to… Read More»

Back when I was hustling to become a customer experience consultant and keynote speaker, I spent 1000’s of hours researching how companies become leaders in customer experience. I examined companies like Starbucks and Zappos in awe of how they grew  to become a world-renowned, customer focused organization. As I say… Read More»

My first ever customer service job was working at McDonalds when I was 13 years old. My most recent customer service position began in 2007 when I was working in a contact centre answering 100 calls/day and speaking to customers with different personality types, motivations and aversions. For anyone who… Read More»