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Back when I was hustling to become a customer experience consultant and keynote speaker, I spent 1000’s of hours researching how companies become leaders in customer experience. I examined companies like Starbucks and Zappos in awe of how they grew  to become a world-renowned, customer focused organization. As I say… Read More»

My first ever customer service job was working at McDonalds when I was 13 years old. My most recent customer service position began in 2007 when I was working in a contact centre answering 100 calls/day and speaking to customers with different personality types, motivations and aversions. For anyone who… Read More»

When I meet with companies to improve their customer experience I’m often greeted with, “Michel, we are very conservative. I don’t know how much we can invest to improve our customer experience.” I understand operating budgets are reviewed with strict attention, however, what I have a hard time understanding is… Read More»

Silos within organizations are caused by the lack of a centralized team who brings everyone together. Customer experience is the solution to silos existing within your company. To genuinely become a company that is focused on creating a world class customer experience you must have an individual – or team… Read More»

To be customer focused, a CEO must pay great attention to past, present and future customer behaviours, motivations and aversions. Take a moment to think. Do you work with a customer focused CEO? I mean, not one who says he is but one who backs up their word with action.… Read More»

Being customer centric requires you to be able to operate from the viewpoint of the customer.   In other words, can you remove yourself as a professional and make operational decisions based on how you would react if you were the customer? Too many companies claim to be focused on… Read More»

We run to complain but move like snails when given the opportunity to recognize exceptional customer service. I’ve studied customer experience management for nearly a decade and have recognized a few trends. First, I believe customer service is improving. Organizations are slowly beginning to invest more into improving their customer… Read More»