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I’ve spent years studying the franchise business model; it’s complex. Ensuring that you have a seamless customer experience across the entire brand is key to success. One of the primary reasons that someone may invest in buying a franchise is because of it’s proven operating systems. If you follow the… Read More»

How did Michael Jordan become the best basketball player of all time? Sure, for the majority of his career, he had Phil Jackson, arguably the greatest coach of all time. Jackson refined Jordan’s skills, but it was the hours of jump shots, free throws and conditioning that Michael worked on… Read More»

Ask your customers what they want and you’ll receive hundreds of different answers that will frustrate and confuse you. Put them in a focus group and watch them debate over what’s most important to them as individuals. I advocate hosting Customer Advisory Boards (if you do them right) but you need to… Read More»

While recently at Toronto’s Pearson airport, I read a Fast Company article on how Airbnb is going to expand on their end to end hospitality experience. By offering additional services to their home and apartment sharing service, Airbnb will be adding airport pickups, room cleaning and other services to complement… Read More»

It is human nature to react when a customer complains about your service or product, particularly if the customer expresses anger, frustration, disappointment or hostility. I’ll cut right to the chase: effectively handling complaints requires most of us to shift our way of thinking. We need to set our egos… Read More»